Monday, 25 October 2010

Christopher Wormell produces crisp prints, particularly famous for his animal books, which are colourful and vibrant.

I like his work because it is bold and stands out from a distance.

he has produced an animal alphabet book which is colourful and deailed. (9780762427291.jpg)
I really like his use of subtle colours mixed with the bold skillful outlines (paperroad_artistillustration_71.jpg)

Printmaking process research.

This article about orangutans has got me interested in their close link to humans and how new research has exposed the possibility that we are related to them more so than their relatives - the chimp.

Westminster University (BA Hons) Illustration Blog

I have recently started University at the University of Westminster studying Illustration and require an online blog for research, pictures and other interesting things that have inspired and influenced my work.

So, lets get started!